• MrJigen

    This post is to begin action on the Astro Restoration Project as many of you can see this wiki is very disorganized and several articles are needing improvement. Here is what we will do.

    I have created several and will be updating categories of articles that need improvement below: Articles Needing Improvement

    Things needing improvement:

    • Articles need to be completed fully.
    • More information needs to be added.
    • Refernces/citations should be added to verify facts.
    • Articles need better formatting and more images.
    • Articles need infoboxes.

    Several templates have been created for infoboxes. I need anyone who cares to help clean up and reorganize this wiki.

    Some rules and regulations we should all follow are posted here:


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  • MrJigen


    November 2, 2016 by MrJigen

    I want to adopt this wiki to gain access to admin priviledges if anyone objects please let me know.

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  • MrJigen

    Wiki Reorganization

    October 19, 2016 by MrJigen

    Hello All MrJigen here. I am starting this post to begin a discussion and I want your opinion on how the wiki should be officially reorganized please leave suggestions so in the next few weeks we can begin cleaning up this wiki.

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  • MrJigen


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