Greetings. I made this :Astro Boy Fanon Wikia a while back, but I can only do so little as I was busy for some time. Now I am back I want to improve it by making this "blog" (no idea it was here, call me the God of Ignorance) and would love to spread it.

It's a rather underdeveloped wikia, but I am trying to make character template to fit robots and humans. Trying to expand the Astro Boy Mulitverse by using Reality Numbers like Marvel Wikia & Marvel Fanon does. I found using that is interesting, as we make our thing, it's a alternated reality then the prime reality (1963, 1980 & my favorite 2003 series of Astro Boy). If anyone wants to contribute by helping add things to it (I tried but I don't how to do things, has I had my brother help with templates like characters). So come down, and help, create!........XD

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