Uran (also known as Astro Girl, Sarah or Zoran) is a major recurring protagonist in the Astro Boy Series, she is Astro's younger sister. She was created by Dr. Ochanomizu and was presented to Astro as a birthday gift or New Year's gift (depends on which version). She often finds herself getting into trouble and causing trouble for Astro. She possesses a part of Astro's strength but none of his powers, but in the 2003 series she was given the ability to talk with animals. She's emotional and caring like her older brother as she was based off of his design. She has the closest relationship with Astro. She is cheeky, and yet loyal to her brother.




1960's Series

Uran (named Astro Girl) was first introduced in the 1960s series. She was presented as a birthday present to Astro, who rejoiced claiming he had always wanted a sister. She proves to be a handful, teaching Astro what it actually means to be an older brother.

1980's series

Formally introduced as Uran, she was presented as a gift to Astro on New Year's Day as a thank you for all his hard work. After showing her new family she could dance, Uran already causes Astro trouble only hours into his New Year. By the end of the day Astro and Uran realise that this is the start of a beautiful bondship, as long as Astro keeps track of her. Uran often accompanies Astro on his adventures and acts as a sidekick when she isn't the main cause of the problem. Astro looks out for Uran and in turn she does the same, the best she can.

2003 series

Renamed as Zoran in the English dub she was created to teach Astro responsibility and to possibly test Dr. Oshay's skills. Astro accepts her with open arms, excitied to have his very first relative. Once learning what a handful she is, Astro apologises for treating her childishly but requests that she does everything he says.

In the series she is given the ability to talk to animals, befriending a bird that she named Pikora, which even helps solve a mysterious case with the famous detective. She is often jealous of Astro's fame and power but loves and looks up to him none-the-less. She accompanies him on a few trips and plays a major role in the story of Pluto: Strongest Robot in the World. However, she is usually only seen now and then in Dr Oshay's house where she and her brother reside.

Video Games

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Uran appears in the game Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Naoki Urasawa's manga titled Pluto, based on the storyline "World's Strongest Robot" where she is also given the ability to speak with animals.

Abilities and Powers

  • Extremely powerful: 50,000 horsepower.
  • Capable of experiencing human emotions.
  • Can communicate with animals. (2003, Pluto)
  • Twinning: Uran could split into two separate copies of herself, with both copies possessing 50% of the strength of the original Uran. However, this ability was temporary and only lasted for one episode.


  • In the manga chapter 38: "Uran" the beginning says that Uran's origins may never be known, and it explores different possibilities of Uran's origins. One of them saying that Uran was a remodeled prototype of Astro Boy. Which would explain why Uran is so powerful. These were most likely false though, as most iterations simply depict Dr. Ochanomizu building and giving Astro Boy Uran as a present.


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