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Picture 1

Toby in the 1980s series

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13 (TV series), 14 (film)
Dr. Tenma (Dad)

Hoshie Tenma (mother)

Astro Boy (Robotic duplicate/reincarnation, Counterpart)

Toby is Dr. Tenma's deceased son. Toby was then replaced by Astro Boy after specific events. There were a few things that lead to Toby's cease of existence. It depended on what version of Astro Boy you watched.

  • In the Astro Boy manga series, 1960's & 1980's he died in a car accident.
  • In the 2003 version Toby ran away from home.
  • In the Astro Boy 2009 movie, he was killed by a robot known as the Peacekeeper.


Toby is usually very adventurous and polite, and is very brave. Unfortunately, in the 1980s show, and the 2009 movie, his curiosity and impatience are fatal to him, also in the movie he shows concentration and love of learning not present in Astro Boy. He isn't too courageous unlike his robot counterpart, Astro Boy.


In the 1960's anime his name was Astro.

Tobi's hair color has change from black to dark brown.

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