Tiara (ティアラ) is a dancer living in the junk village of Outland, outside of Metro City. She appears exclusively in the episode "Lost In Outland" of the 2003 series. Her Japanese voice actress is Yumi Takada, and her English voice actress is Candi Milo.



Tiara is elegant and outgoing, and is a big sister type among Boon's group of friends. She is especially closest with Jake, whom she calls "Jay-kun" in the Japanese version. When Boon takes Astro under his wing, Tiara is impressed with Astro's powers and immediately welcomes him in to Outland's culture.


Tiara twirling to a drum and harp

Tiara is one of the more popular villagers in Outland. She has grown up in the village, and can now be found working in the village's soup kitchen, or dancing at gatherings. Her dancing style is a mix of ballet and salsa, which she sets to whatever music the people of Outland can put together.

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