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The Birth of Astro Boy is the first episode of the 1980 Astro Boy animated series. The episode originally aired on August 1, 1980.


When in production of a robot for the Institute of Science Tenma continues to fail until he is given the idea to create a robot boy by his son Tobio. When Tobio is declined a trip to an amusement park by his busy father he takes off in a robot car and is killed in an oncoming traffic collision. Distraught, Tenma decides to use Tobio as a prototype for the robot he created. After attempting to raise the new robot Tobio Tenma, realizes that he has a difficult time acting like a human boy and disowns him. The robot Tobio is then tricked into signing himself away by Hamegg.



  • Created By
  • Osamu Tezuka
  • Art
  • Setsoko Ishizu
  • Cinematography
  • Nobuyuki Sugaya
  • Editor
  • Kazuo Inoue
  • Audio Recording
  • Kanji Nakano
  • Music
  • Seiji Suzuki
  • Music Composition
  • Nariaki Saegusa
  • Tatsuo Takai
  • Director
  • Noboru Ishiguro
  • Producer
  • Hidehiko Takei
  • Satoshi Yamamoto
  • Associate Producer
  • Takayuki Matsutani
  • Executive Producer
  • Akira Yoshikawa
  • English Version Coordianation
  • Kenji Itatani
  • English Version Cast
  • Richard Ganoung
  • Bob Gonzales
  • Debby Holmes
  • Del Lewis
  • David G. Miller
  • Paul M. Nelson
  • Brian Parry
  • Jay Rath
  • Kaheli A. Slick
  • Patricia Kugler Whitely
  • Becke Wilinski
  • Greg Zerkle
  • English Version Produced and Directed
  • Carl Battaglia
  • Del Lewis
  • Produced By
  • Nippon Television
  • Tezuka Productions

Episode Notes

  • In this first episode Astro is not yet officially given a name.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Astro Boy, Tenma and Hamegg


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