Episode 25 of the 1980 TV series


Bruton releases Astro, as thanks for helping him before. Astro begs him to reconsider having to fight, but Bruton explains that he cannot, as that was his primary purpose. He asks Astro to take Elefun home, then goes off to battle Hercules, a powerful Greek Spartan robot. He successfully destroys him, then goes on to battle Photar, a kind, compassionate robot who takes care of orphans. Photar begs him for the chance to say goodbye to his orphans, which Bruton grants. Later, they battle in a terrible storm; as Photar is a solar powered robot, he runs out of energy and is destroyed. The Sultan calls out Astro once again, and has him battle Bruton at a volcanic valley. However, the volcano threatens to erupt and destroy all of the nearby villages and towns unless the power is contained. Astro begins throwing boulders into the volanic vent to contain the power and begs Bruton for assistance. Bruton initially refuses, but finally has a change of heart and begins assisting Astro, much to the chagrin of the Sultan and the delight of Elefun. The two successfully stop the volanco from erupting, and Astro commends Bruton for his help and tells him that he is a good robot after all. Their victory is cut short, however, when Sultan's scientist, Dr. Abrah, reveals his own secret creation: a super robot named Bora, with a 2 million horsepower engine, and enough destructive force to knock out other robots simply by yelling its name and creating a katabalic wind. Bruton asks Astro to give his regards to Uran, and sacrifices himself to attempt to destroy Bora. However, Bora survives this attempt with nary a scratch, forcing Astro to fight it. He manages to destroy Bora by getting it to attack itself, and getting inside its damaged body and blasting its innards. As Sultan mourns the loss of Bruton, Abrah reveals himself to be a robot; he was Sultan's robotic assistant, and created Bora to prove that brute force alone isn't everything. Astro and Elefun mourn the loss of Bruton, as well as Mont Blanc, Molnar, Brondo, Zeron, Hercules, and Photar, and hope that a future will come where all of man, and all of robots, can live together in peace.