Tezuka Osamu World opened at Kyoto station in 1999, along with Tezuka Osamu World Entertainment Square in Shinjuku (both in Japan). But Kyoto's Tezuka Osamu World has since closed down 16 January 2011.

There, some Osamu Tezuka films could be seen in the 300-Inch Theatre. Many Astro Boy related short films appeared exclusively, but became available for digital rent after Tezuka Osamu World closed down.

List of Astro Boy related films

Tetsuwan Atomu: Ao Kishi no Kan
Tetsuwan Atomu: Chikyuu Saigo no Hi
ASTROBOY Tetsuwan Atomu: Atomu Tanjou no Himitsu
ASTROBOY Tetsuwan Atomu: Iwan no Wakusei ~Robotto to Ningen no Yuujou~
ASTROBOY Tetsuwan Atomu: Kagayakeru Chikyuu ~Anata wa Aoi, Utsukushii...~

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