Sarah Jones is the forest ranger at Dragon Lake, and secretly an illegal scrapper. She only appears in the episodes "Dragon Lake" and "The Case of the Phantom Fowl" in the 2003 series.


Sarah is an American woman in her early 30s. She initially comes off as a caring and trustworthy park ranger dedicated to her job. Sarah is quite intelligent and proficient with outdoor skills, and owns her own all-terrain vehicle and various maps. She is also a skeptic, believing more in logic, and shoots down rumours of a sea monster being in Dragon Lake. Sarah seems fond of Yuko Kisaragi when they first meet.


Sarah and Narga, her pet robot serpent

However, under the surface, she is extremely shady. She makes money on the side doing illegal scrapping and dumping. She is the leader of a group called The Repo Girls, and the three of them take clients who pay them to dispose of toxic material. One of her more recent dumpings caused irreversible damage to a forest outside Metro City, but Sarah holds money with more importance.