Saburo is a human and was a member of Daichi's gang that only appeared in the episode "Atlas" of the 2003 series. He was a member of Daichi's gang for an undetermined amount of time. He and the others accompanied Daichi to the space port for Daichi to steal a shuttle to go to the moon. His, and the rest of the gang's, extent of involvement is unclear.


Saburo in shock at seeing Daichi alive.

He's later seen harassing a couple in a car with the rest of the gang. Daichi shows up, nearly running Saburo over and then pointing out that they're having fun without him. Saburo is initially surprised that Daichi is alive considering he heard he died. Daichi explains that he was revived as a robot. Saburo, seemingly wanting proof, tears part of Daichi's outfit to reveal his metal chest. Saburo then switches to mocking Daichi for being a robot with others from the gang joining it. Daichi, angered, discovers his battle mode and then decides to test his powers out on his former friends. Saburo runs away to try and escape but is not successful. He and the others are taken to the hospital and his broken goggles are seen on the ground at the scene. His fate is unknown.

Atlas Created13

Saburo's smashed goggles shown in the lower left corner.

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