Robot Circus is a story about a boy named Reno, who was abandoned when he was a baby and grew up with a family of robots. The robots are circus prefoners and preformed a circus called the Robot Circus to earn money to buy Reno needed supplies. The circus went to preform in a town called, Bella Note (B-ell-a no-tay) and the story begins. Astro is on vacation with Dr.O'Shay in Bella Note. He sees a sign for the Robot Circus and goes to see it with Dr.O'Shay the next day. However, the show is ruined by an evil man called Goosetaf, who has lots of power over the town. Astro is helping to save Reno, who fell when one of Goosetaf's men cut the rope supporting the platform he was standing on. Astro realizes that Reno isn't a robot, he's human! Reno and his family deny his being a human, insisting that Reno is a robot. Later that day, Astro sees Reno coming out of a store with a bag of bread and the secret is out! Reno says that he pretends to be a robot to avoid being separated from his family, because humans don't like the idea of a human being raised by robots. Astro promises to keep his secret. That night, Goosetaf finds pictures that prove that Reno is a human and demands that the robots be deactivated. Reno's family knows of his plot and sends Reno out to deliver a letter to Dr.O'Shay while they escape because they think its "better" for him to live with humans. When Reno arrives at Dr.O'Shay's hotel room, Astro says that Dr.O'Shay is out doing something. Reno sits down to wait and hears police sirens. He realizes that he and his family have been discovered and he and Astro race outside to find Goosetaf already outside of the hotel. Goosetaf says that when the robots are found, they will be deactivated and Reno will be sent to an orphanage. Dr.O'Shay arrives just in time with adoption papers for Reno. He then tells Reno that the letter Reno was sent to deliver was addressed to him. Reno reads the letter that says that he was being a burden on his robot family. He thinks that they don't care about him. Meanwhile, Reno's Robot family has setteled down in some pipes underground and are auctually sad that Reno is gone. They had to write the letter about how they didn't want him or he would have tried to find them. Then the police appear and Astro arrives just in time to save them from being deactivated. He flies away with the robots in tow and is hit by one of the police men. He and the robots fall into a abandoned barn. The robots say they want to end this in their own way, in one final preformance of the Robot Circus. As they preform, Reno sees flashbacks of his life with the robots. The mayor realizes that the robots didn't kidnap Reno like Goosetaf said they did. He apologizes and invites the robot to be the officiat circus of Bella Note. They agree. Reno tries to rejoin them, but the refuse him, saying that he has a gift in robotics and he should use it. Reno finally agrees to go to Metro City with Dr.O'Shay and be a robot scientist. The show ends with Reno and Astro flying to Metro City in Dr.O'Shay's hovercar. Though it is the end of the show, it is the beginnings of Reno's new life in Metro City.

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