red core

The red core is extremely unstable, dangerous and corruptive counterpart of Blue Core. Unlike Blue Core's energy that more stable in spite both being designed as an infinite power source, red core energy was proved both unstable and corruptive; it enables any robot that loaded with it to became more powerful and destructive than it normally was, and enable it to assimilate anything both to regenerate and empower itself. This was proved when President Stone inserted it into the Peacekeeper twice, though the second time was worst.

Creation and Origin

Core origin

Cores' Origin

Red Core, along with it's blue counterpart, are created from the fragment of a star that located million years away from planet Earth that no longer exist in the present. It’s not mentioned how the cores’ material acquired, either gained through expedition to the outer space or the material itself fell on Earth as a meteor before the scientist examined it and discovered it’s nature as star fragment. Either way, the energy that gained from the star fragment has properly harnessed and encased within spherical cores.
Red Core

Elefun's explanation of Red Core's nature

During the extraction process, it’s revealed that the energy within the star fragment consists of bluish white positive energy and the reddish jet-black negative energy. Both energies are cancelling each other due to it’s opposing properties: blue energy is more stable and safe than it’s red counterpart that was unstable and dangerous. This was discovered when the positive energy extracted completely from the star fragment, left the fragment nothing but highly unstable and corruptive red energy. So, they decided to have them inserted into separate cores that must be separated at all costs.

Effects and Potential

Unlike it's counterpart that could potentially restore earth's environment, the Red Core is unstable and able to either destroy/corrupt anything. It's safe to assume that Red Core energy's potential is ultimate destruction, as it can destroy anything in cellular level. This was confirmed where Peacekeeper's energy blast instantly destroyed Toby's body both in a blink of eye and without left any traces, safe Toby's hair in his cap. Not only that, any robot that powered with this core would became highly agressive.

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