Rag Astroboy



He is a robot president of the country Robotania. He was built by a mysterious creator who wanted to become the president of the country through the achievement of creating Rag and sending him to a unviersity. However Rag competed against his creator as the opposing candidate in the race for president. In the end Rag won the election and was named president. After winning office Rag was constantly attacked by a mysterious terrorist known Lord Deadcross who wanted him step down from office. Rag's secretary Halfem was sent to Japan in order to get Astroboy to their country to help stop these terrorist attacks. While their Astro searched for Rag after he was kidnapped along with Astro Boy's Mr. Mustachio ( who had followed after Astroboy out of suspicion) while Astro Boy searched for them. During his captivity Rag was forced to have his artificial intelligence removed in order to spare Mr. Mustachio and Astro Boy had also been captured. In order to avoid Rag stepping down Astro Boy disguised himself as the robot president by swapping heads in order to catch Deadcross red handed. It was revealed that Lord Deadcross was the creator of Rag who bitter due to him being chosen to the office of President and Rag looked like each other when the prince's mask was removed.

1980's Cartoon

In the 1980's cartoon Rag was called Ditto. Ditto was A robot president of Goshen. He was kidnapped by Prince Upley along with Mr. Pompous while Astro Boy searches for them. Astro Boy disguises as the robot president to catch Prince Upley red handed. Prince Upley and Ditto looked like each other when the prince's mask was removed. Ditto only appeared in Episode 43: Ditto. In the manga, his name is Rag.

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