Pilat is Skunk Kusai's right-hand man in the 1980 series. He is a small, slightly inept young man most often seen working alongside Skunk and the rest of his gang. Pilat usually acts as Skunk's driver, personal confidant, or shoe-shiner.


Pilat is European, has a tan complexion, and has medium-length brown hair that frames his face. He has very big eyes and a prominent nose, and is far shorter than Skunk. He always wears a brown blazer and slacks, black dress shoes, a green turtleneck, and a bolo tie.



Pilat and Skunk disguised as delivery men

Pilat comes off as one of the less dangerous members of the gang, but he can be just as shady and scheming as Skunk. He and Skunk tend to act like friends, with the two of them pulling smaller heists together. However, Pilat is still a henchman, and has been yelled at for not completing tasks fast enough or for questioning his boss's authority.

As well, Pilat is the only member of Skunk's gang to ever be given a name. In the early episodes of the series that he appears in, the Japanese credits contain his voice actor alongside the katakana of Pilat's name. However, later episodes credit him as Henchman A. Skunk very rarely calls Pilat by name in the Japanese version, and in English dubs he remains nameless.

Alternate design


A brief scene where he is drawn differently in Goliath's Head.

Pilat is occasionally drawn off-model by the secondary animation team. This "alternate" character design appears in only three episodes, "The Devil Balloons", "Goliath's Head", and "The White Planet." This design has Pilat looking smaller, older, and hunched over, with a lot of his more refined details (i.e. freckles) missing.

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