Munk is a traveling musician living in the junk village of Outland, outside of Metro City. He is usually seen wearing a robot-like mask. Munk appears exclusively in the episode "Lost In Outland" of the 2003 series.



Munk reading to village children

Munk is tall, lanky, and mysterious; he is almost always seen wearing a mask designed to look like a robot's face. He is sometimes a bit of a loner, usually watching Outland from afar, or playing his accordion.

Munk is one of Boon's best friends, and takes pity on Astro when the boy has amnesia. Munk, along with his other friends Jake and Tiara, welcome Astro into Outland and begin to show him around.


Munk, unmasked

Munk's characterization varies between the Japanese and English versions. In the Japanese version, Munk has a soft, effeminate voice, and his character is rather delicate. He believes in people's hearts, and claims his mask allows him to see the true character of others. In the English version, Munk has a deep cool-guy voice, and is casual and slick. He explains to Astro that he wears his mask so most people won't recognize him.

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