Tokugawa was the head of a large energy company who wanted his son to succeed him. While seemingly caring at first, he soon became consumed by his job and neglected Daichi. When Daichi died in a shuttle accident, he contracted Dr. Tenma to revive him as a robot so that he could still take over the company. He soon found out that the robot called Atlas who was destroying his plants was actually Daichi. Blaming Tenma for his robot son's rebellion, he goes to confront him. His men are easily knocked out by Tenma's robot dogs. Tenma gives Tokugawa a plasma gun, telling him he has one change stop Atlas. He goes to the Moon Plant with intentions of destroying Atlas. He increases the gravity where Atlas and Astro are fighting and begins shooting at a restrained Atlas. Astro gets in the way and interrupts Tokugawa long enough for Atlas to stand up and shoot the controls. Atlas then flies up to him with intentions of trying to kill Tokugawa but is knocked off balance by his damage and is unable to. Tokugawa begins to get sucked out of the hole made by Atlas' blast but is then rescued by Atlas. He's later seen on the surface of the moon, holding the atlas he gave Daichi and lamenting his son's fate by his doings.

He later appears in episode 37 with knowledge of where Atlas and Astro are being held by Dr. Pavlos. He volunteers one of his airships to help find them, hoping to get at least Atlas' body back. He briefly sees Atlas fly by the airship on his way to rescue Dr. Pavlos.

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