Mont Blanc (manga)


A robot mountain guide from Switzerland who is one the seven strongest robots in the world and had over 100,000 horsepower. While chopping wood, he met and was destroyed by Pluto. He appeared in the manga story arc, The World's Greatest Robots. He is also friends with the Turkish Robot Brando who appeared attempting to avenge Mont Blanc.



Montblanc (1963)

In the 1963 version, Montblanc is exactly the same, though the fight was extended to be a minute long.



Montblanc's death in the 1980 version

In the 1980 version, Montblanc is again, the same. The fight was however shortened to be less than a minute.


Mont Blanc Pluto

Like in the original series he is a Swiss mountain robot that was killed at the beginning of the story. It is revealed he was killed due his involvement in the 39th Central Asian Conflict.

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