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Monar (North)

North is about to fight Pluto

(known as North #2 in the original Japanese dub) is one of the strongest robots in the world. He is a beetle-like robot with six mechanical arms, which can change into fearsome weapons. He is Scottish.

He appeared in The Greatest Robot in the World.

2003 series

He made a cameo appearance in the 2003 series as a minion of Grudon.

Astro Boy Omega Factor

North makes an appearance in the video game Astro Boy Omega Factor. He is colored navy blue in this version and has eyes on the sides of his head to look more insect like. He appears in the "World's Strongest Robots" chapter where Astro has to fight five powerful robots. North is the first of the robots Astro fights.

In the first part of the fight, North doesn't attack Astro unless he fires his finger laser or arm cannon at North. Then North will retaliate by quickly lunging at Astro and attacking him with his tools. If Astro punches North, he will block with one of his hands but only one arm. Astro must punch North somewhere he is not blocking. After a few hits, North will begin to use his 6 arm weapons including a missle shooter, his shield, his drill, his disc launcher, his laser cannon, and an enemy spawner. He will use his weapons depending on where Astro is standing such as if Astro is on the ground on the left side of North where his drill is, he will use the drill. Astro is free to attack North anywhere in this form. Astro defeats North and moves up to the next stage to fight the next robot, Denkou.

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