Momo is Yuko Kisaragi's pet robot, a pink and white ostrich with a built-in computer. She has limited AI and abilities, but has a goofy and loyal personality. Momo exclusively appears in the 2003 Astro Boy anime series.


Momo was originally built and designed by Professor Ochanomizu. She was then given to Yuko as a personal companion and computer. Momo has limited AI, usually acting like a trained ostrich, and she communicates in squawks and bird noises. She can take orders from Yuko and will stand obediently while Yuko uses her internal computer. Uran is very fond of Momo and usually tries to ride on her back.


Uran playing with Momo

Momo has a fold-out computer screen, hard drive, and keyboard housed in her bird body, which can be summoned by touching her back. At one point, Momo was able to pick up Wally Kisaragi with her beak, implying she has at least enough strength to pick up an adult human male. Momo has a turbine in her tail feathers, and can transform into a flying pod in an emergency.

Momo's name means "peach" in Japanese, which is possibly a reference to her pinkish colour.

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