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Mindy (ミドリ; Midori) is Astro's classmate in the 1980 series. She, Theodore, and Kenneth are the first human kids to befriend Astro, and she immediately welcomes Astro into her friend group. Her Japanese voice actor is Saeko Shimazu, and her English voice actor is Patty Whitely.

She also makes a brief cameo in the 2009 movie, where she is nervous about the quiz given to Toby's class about his father.



Mindy is outgoing and well-spoken, and often leads class projects. While she is usually a serious student, she enjoys joking around with Theodore and Kenneth. She is also very open-minded, and sees robots as equals.

Mindy believes very much in Astro. She is often confident that his powers will save the day, and is usually the first person to defend Astro if he gets in trouble.

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