Lost in Outland is episode 23 in the 2003 anime series (changed to 16 in the english dub).

When a salite malfunctions and falls to the earth, it thretens to melt the ice cap and flood the planet. Astro goes up and slows it down so it can land safely, but gets damaged doing so.Astro informs Dr.O'Shay that there is another salite but when he is about to go and stop it he shutsdown and falls into a mysterious place. Then a escaped prisoner Boon finds astro and fixes him up, but astro memory circuit is still damaged and he can't rember that he has to stop the salite. Dr.O'Shay is searching for astro but is not succeeding. At the Outland astro has found one of Boon's macherny (The Boon Unit) after pulling out a space ship, and astro soon finds out Boons past. Then Dr.Rochet says that the only hope left is to look at the memory of every robot to find astro. But it is too late because the salite is starting to fall to earth.But when astro sees the salite falling he comepletly shuts down. Dr O'Shay eventually finds astro and explains why he was like that and fulls repaires him. After astro woke up his memory was back and he find out that he had amnesia for three days and that the salite is already falling. Then Boon gives astro the Boon unit so the salite can be repaired. When the Boon unit was placed into the salite the salite is working properly and is not gonna crash. Boons name is cleared and astro is welcomed back by the Dr.

  • This is the 1/2 episodes where astro has memory loss
  • In this episode astro does not use his arm cannon

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