Kino was a robot magician who appeared in the manga chapter "The Third Magician".


Kino was famous robot magician who was beloved by all, until one day unveiled his most amazing trick which was the ability to walk through a solid wall. After the show Kino was approached by a strange man named Unohu a eccentric magician who was wished to know how Kino's did his trick. Kino refused to reveal how did in fear that it maybe used for evil and corrupt purposes. Not wanting to take no for an answer Unohu tricked and captured Kino. Later Kino was spotted robbing a museum and later spreading word his next heist he managed to rob various famous paintings that were kept by the police and painted fake on all the fakes left in their place. After all of these heists this lead to AI robots to receive a bad reputation and plans were made to remove their advance AI chips and turnt hem into normal robots. Eventually the Kino was found and spotted by Astro, when he had him cornered Kino revealed the truth that he was captured and reverse engineered to create an exact duplicate named Presto. Kino was able to win Astro over until they were cornered by Inspector Gumshoe, Kino was able to save himself and Astro by demonstrating his famous trick involving him creating a smoke screen that dimmed their vision and leaving an after image looking like they walked through a brick wall. Eventually Astro and Kino were able to outsmart Unoho and reveal the truth via one last show where Kino revealed he was dying and instead had his duplicate Presto take over the show in his place.

1980's Anime

A robot magician who was framed by Mr. Tenpercent and HocusPocus. Abracadabra puts on a great show for everyone, until Mr. Tenpercent and HocusPocus threaten the police that they were going to steal art paintings from a museum. Abracadabra proved the evidence to everyone that he did not steal the paintings, only the work of Mr. Tenpercent and his twin brother HocusPocus. While Tenpercent was arrested, HocusPocus and Abracadabra puts on the greatest show on Earth!

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