Japanese Name ジャズ
Gender Male Male
Affiliation Skunk
Occupation Gang member
Japanese VA Toshihiko Nakajima
English VA Wally Wingert

Jazz is one of Skunk Kusai's two henchmen in the 2003 series. He is a rash, irritable man who closely follows Skunk's orders. Jazz's specialty in the gang is with weaponry and robotics.


Jazz is a short, paunchy middle-aged man in loose-fitting clothing. He has very long brown hair, tied into a ponytail, and wears a panama hat and goggles. He is mostly seen working alongside Skunk and Blues, and mostly hangs out around Blues.


Jazz, about to kidnap Ms. Midori.

He is possibly the most brutal member of Skunk's group, as evidenced by his willingness to shoot Wato in "Old Dog, New Tricks", and how he shoves Denkou into a corner to yell at them. Despite his bitterness, he treats Blues and Skunk as his friends, and regards Skunk with great respect. He openly hates Astro, seeing robots as nothing more than machines or tools.

Jazz collects guns and has a particular interest in electronics. He often handles technical aspects for the gang; he was primarily responsible for hijacking and reactivating Jumbo.

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