Not to be confused with Jake, Duke Red's robot butler.


Jake (ジェイク) is an artist living in the junk village of Outland, outside of Metro City. He appears exclusively in the episode "Lost In Outland" of the 2003 series. His Japanese voice actor is Hiroaki Hirata, and his English voice actor is Wally Wingert.


Jake is an outgoing person with a goofy demeanor, and is a natural optimist. He is good friends with Boon, Tiara, and Munk. He is especially close to Tiara, who calls him "Jay-kun" (ジェイくん), and whom he shields from an oncoming satellite. Jake is the one who tells Astro about Boon's past. While Jake worries for Boon, he is hopeful that Boon will one day be able to find himself again.


Jake stands in front of his sculpture with a client

Jake lives in an abandoned garage that doubles as his studio. He is a metalworking artist who creates enormous sculptures out of scrap metal. His sculptures are popular with collectors outside of Outland, and he sells his art to financially provide for his fellow villagers.

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