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IGZA The 100,000 Light-Year Visitor (ASTRO BOY 鉄腕アトム 10万光年の来訪者・IGZA(イグザ)) is a 2005 IMAX film featuring the style and characters of the 2003 series. It was released on September 1, 2005, produced by Sarai Inc. and sponsored by the Meiji candy company.[1] The film is not available on home video, but its distribution rights are maintained by Sarai Inc., and the film plays occasionally at roadshows in Japan. It was Japan's first full-length IMAX movie. The film is 40 minutes long.


Astro, Uran, Professor Ochanomizu, and Astro's classmates board a satellite called the Galileo 2, which is heading towards Saturn's moon Titan. When Astro's group arrives, they discover Dr. Tadejou, an astronomer who became disenchanted with humans and relocated to an outpost on Titan. He is accompanied by his preteen granddaughter, Yuna, who grew up on Titan listening to Tadejou's stories of the stars. The two are still waiting for their robot friend, Alfie, who left the outpost long ago to investigate a star but never returned.


While the trip continues, little does Astro's group know that a two million year old creature named Igza lies in wait in Titan's seas. Igza was a humanoid born in space, and has gradually become mechanical due to a virus affecting his body. Now, Igza aspires to absorb Astro's power in order to wipe out humanity.

It is up to Astro to protect his human friends and take down Igza before he can reach Earth.



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