Housuke Sharaku (写楽保介) is a reoccurring character in the Osamu Tezuka Star System. He is originally the lead character in the Tezuka manga The Three-Eyed One, where he is a gentle young boy with an alternate personality and powers hidden in his covered third eye. He has appeared many times in other Tezuka media.


In The Three-Eyed One, Sharaku is a junior high school student with a large bandage on his head. He is much smaller and weaker than the other students, and acts very childlike and tends to be a crybaby. However, when his bandage is removed, it reveals a bulging third eye, and Sharaku completely changes personalities. He becomes a vengeful lost member of the Mu Empire, with enormously strong ESP and other magic powers. His adoptive father was the first to cover the eye with a bandage in order to protect humanity. Sharaku's classmate Wato Chiyoko is the only person Sharaku trusts in both of his personalities.

In the Black Jack TV series, Wato and Sharaku appear together as brother and sister. His name is adapted from "Sherlock Holmes", and Wato's last name is adapted from "Watson."

2003 series

The three eyed one 2003
In the 2003 series, Sharaku and Wato appear as mother and son. Sharaku is stranded in Metro City, and Wato is Dr. Wato, whom has gone missing as Sharaku tries to find her. He is discovered by Shunsaku Ban, and Sharaku tells him about how his mother has been kidnapped, and all he has from her is a glowing magnetic orb. Sharaku's orb is actually a device capable of neutralizing and controlling magnets, including disassembling his mother's magnetic robot.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor


Sharaku, with his third eye open, is the central villain of the video game. He is the malevolent young prince of the Mu Empite, and attempts to use an orbital platform called the Death Mask to eliminate all robots from the earth. In the secret ending of the game, the defeated Sharaku is found by Wato. She mistakenly assumes his third eye is a wound and puts a bandage over it, which turns Sharaku docile once again.

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