Gulliver (ガリバー), also known as AR-1, is a bulky utility robot designed to work in arctic temperatures. He formerly worked at a satellite station in Antarctica 12 years before the current series timeline. His only appearance is in the 2003 series, in episode 41. In the English dub, he is renamed as Shackleton. His Japanese voice actor is Shinichirou Miki, and his English voice actor is Bill Farmer.


Gulliver is a large and friendly robot, who acts like a human gentle giant. He was assigned to work on an Antarctic base during the Cronos Project, an endeavor to produce a satellite powerful enough to take high quality images of the Cronos System. Gulliver was the best friend of Dr. Yuzuru Kisaragi, and developed a deep love of space and research from him. Gulliver also looked after a young Yuko Kisaragi. Since Yuko was often left alone at the Cronos base, he bonded with Yuko and became a guardian for her. Even after being restored 12 years after his battery first ran out, he is still very protective of Yuko.


Gulliver and Yuko as a child

Gulliver has exceptional computer imaging ability, allowing him to find landmarks in nature like wind tunnels, or even to predict weather patterns. He is extremely strong, but as an older model of robot, he tends to have a short-lived battery. In design, Gulliver's face is similar to those of humanoid figures in northern Inuit art.


At the Cronos base, Gulliver foresaw a deadly avalanche, and went about protecting Dr. Kisaragi's research. In order to protect the Galileo Satellite, Gulliver shut it down, fired a hole into the ice, and dropped the sealed satellite into the waters outside the original base. He was submerged in ice and snow in the aftermath of the avalanche. Gulliver's battery ran out, and when he could not be found, the humans of the base assumed he had died. His assumed loss drove Dr. Kisaragi into a deep depression.

Gulliver is rediscovered 12 years after the avalanche by Astro, Yuko, and a research team, although with temporary amnesia. He soon begins to recover after talking to Yuko and seeing his original surroundings.

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