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A robot detective from Germany who is made of indestructible zirconium, which also protects him from Pluto's deadly electric horns. He was assigned to arrest Pluto, but ended up destroyed by him when he was caught on Pluto's horns; Pluto merely pulled his horns in opposite directions to rip Gernadt's body in two. He appeared in the manga story arc, The World's Greatest Robots.




In a remake created by Naoki Ursawa Gerhardt role in the World's Greatest Robot story was expanded upon as he is depicted as humanoid detective named Gesicht (Face). In this version he working for Europol. His body is made out of an alloy called "Zeronium", and he is capable of firing a devastating blast using the alloy as shell. He is also shown with wife named Helena, also another big difference is that this version he along with his wife and the other robots in the story are given a human appearance. In the manga's plot in his attempts to solve the case of a string of robot and human deaths. The case becomes more puzzling when evidence suggests a robot is responsible for the murders, the first one in eight years. As he investigates the murders he finds that connection that exists is that all of the robot and scientist victims were all involved in the 39th Central Asian War. Where it was believed that an evil Sultan was harboring weapons of mass destruction but in the end only a junk pile was found. The robots and scientists involvement elad to great harm as it was revealed Persian Minister of Science, Dr. Abullah. Devastated by the 39th Middle-East War, with his country left in shambles and his family dead, Abullah came to harbor an intense hatred and vowed revenge. At the same time like in the original series Gesicht finds himself gunned down during his investigation. In the end he donated his CPU chip to revive Atom/Astro from his coma.

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