Cybersharks are a series of bipedal fanged robots from the NOW! Comics series. The robots in this series all have the same powers and weaknesses, but they vary in size and colour. They were visually inspired by Rancors from the Star Wars series.


The Cybersharks were produced at the Institute of Science as a military commission. They were developed exclusively to be forceful weapons for sieges on buildings. Specifically, the Cybersharks were designed by General Hawkins with the intention to raid Dr. Boynton's house and get Astro Boy (who was made partly with under the table army funds). Astro encounters a Cybershark in development, after being accidentally added to a queue of robots being given to the Cybershark for it to hone its powers on. Astro defeats it with ease, leaving the ruined Cybershark before running back to Dr. Boynton's lab.



A Cybershark's primary weapon is its extremely sharp teeth, which it uses to bite down on any target it sees. They are unstoppable when locked onto a target, and can only be halted by letting them finish their attack or by being destroyed. Cybersharks have four limbs: their arms are used for swatting or hitting a target, with claws that can further wound them, and their feet are used for stability and crushing underfoot. However, the Cybersharks do have limited flexibility. They cannot easily get up if knocked over, and they have a large blind spot zone.

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