Bugsy is a minuscule robot beetle exclusive to the NOW! Comics series. He is a former attraction in Mr. Cacciatore's Robo-Circus and one of Astro's first allies.



Bugsy, as his cohorts burn down Cacciatore's circus

Despite his size, Bugsy is over-confident and cocky, and often eager for a fist fight. He speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent and wears a sailor hat, designed to look and act like a 1930s cartoon character. He is fond of Astro and volunteers to fight Bruno for him. He often brags about his past fights in the ring, claiming to have fought fighters named The Silicon Kid and The Mighty Micro-Dot.

Because of his time in the robot circus, Bugsy severely distrusts humans. In issue #9, after Bugsy joins a group of abandoned robots who intend to go into town and attack humans. Astro intervenes, and Bugsy holds his gang back only out of respect for Astro's hopes for peace. Fortunately, Bugsy begins to tolerate humans after the robot rights bill is passed.

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