Bruno is a robot creature exclusive to the 1987 NOW! Comics series. He is a robot spider designed by Dr. Boynton for the use of internally controlling Astro.


Bruno has limited AI, which gives him just enough consciousness to identify threats, receive orders, find his way around, and to bite Astro's circuitry. With a special remote control, Bruno has two command options that designate how hard he bites. Each bite is supercharged with a strong blast of electricity, enough to disorient or potentially knock out Astro. Bruno's power supply is foremost leeched from Astro's battery.

A second control remote exists, housed in Dr. Boynton's desk. When triggered, Bruno immediately explodes.



When Astro begins to rebel, Dr. Boynton knocks him out and straps him down to implant Bruno. Bruno lets himself in, and immediately nests deep in Astro's chest cabinet. Astro and Bruno's remote are shortly after sold to Mr. Cacciatore.

At the robot circus, Simon the android attempts to help liberate Astro further by removing Bruno. Simon destroys Bruno's remote, and sends in the micro robot Bugsy to chase Bruno out. Right as Simon picks up Bruno, Boynton triggers Bruno's self destruct. This immediately destroys Bruno and kills Simon with an enormous blast of energy. Bruno is never rebuilt or referenced again after this story arc.


Bruno is considered one of the darkest aspects of the NOW! Comics series. The comic was initially aimed at readers aged 14 and up, leading to heavy themes, such as Bruno's implanting scene and Simon's death. When NOW! Comics staff became aware that a large amount of children were reading the series, the comic's imagery and subject matter became much less disturbing when a new writer took over.

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