1963 series


Bobo and his father in the 1963 show.

Bobo is a trouble-making orphan robot who was left on cross island after his father was arrested. Later, his father returned to finish Bobo, Bobo turned out to be a shape-shifting robot. His father then used him to steal all the precious gemstones and minerals on Cross Island Bobo was defeated by Astro Boy shortly afterwards.

1980 series


Pook (Incompleted)


Pook (Completed)

Bobo is named Pook in the 1980 series. Pook is a trouble-making orphan robot who was left on Cross Island after his father was arrested. He is shown to be pretty agile and brave even before being completed. He refuses to listen to anyone besides his father, which is rather troublesome. His Father broke out of prison with the help of a gang leader. Who, after completion of Pook, forced Pooks father to use Pook to steal the valueables on Cross Island.

2003 series

Bobo does not appear in the 2003 series.

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