Japanese Name ブルース
Gender Male Male
Affiliation Skunk Kusai's gang
Occupation Gang member
Japanese VA Kouji Yusa
English VA Wally Wingert

Blues is one of Skunk Kusai's two henchmen in the 2003 series. He is a large, bulky man who is usually very shy. His specialties with the gang are computer hacking and backup muscle.


Blues is a tall, stocky black man who appears to be around Skunk's age. He has a blonde-dyed beard and hair, and usually wears small round sunglasses and flashy jewelry. He works alongside Skunk and Jazz, and is mostly seen hanging out alongside Jazz.


He the tallest member of the group, as well as the one who speaks the least. He only adds remarks alongside his cohorts or asks questions when he finds it necessary. He is the most passive member of the group, usually letting Skunk or Jazz take the lead in schemes and following along to help. In "Jumbo", he is visibly nervous about piloting Jumbo against the heavily-armed police, hinting that he is more used to low key underground crime.

His main role among Skunk's group is as backup muscle, occasionally working with computers and driving the escape car. In "Old Dog, New Tricks", it is revealed that he carries a concealed knife.

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