"Birth Of The Mighty Atom"(Tetsuwan Kidō,鉄腕起動) is the first episode of the Atom: The Beginning anime series.


Umataro and Hiroshi attempt to create a robot with 1,000 horsepower. They test A106 and result is a success as he blows a hole through the wall of Lab 7. The two soon realize they blew through all of their budget and that's why they got part time jobs. The rush to their job in Mecha City working as Mascot's for the parade. Umataro skipped out on his job and put A-16 in his costume instead, The giant robot General Takeuma short circuits and catches on fire so A-16 punches through a water pipe and puts out the flame. During an inspection Umataro and Hiroshi discover compressed hydrogen tanks hidden inside of Takeuma's body. The two become ecstatic when they learn their bewusstsein artificial intelligence is working properly.


Umataro and Hiroshi are hoping to create a robot with 1,000 horsepower. Umataro prepares to test on a robot called A106 he presses the button and large hole is blown into the side of the building.A flashback shows the result of a mysterious event known as the great catastrophe that happened five years before.

Ran is on a street corner watching all of the robots around her, meanwhile at the lab Hiroshi is tending to Umataro's wounds. The two soon realize that they have used up all the research funds they were given and have nothing to show for it so , they got part time jobs to help pay for it.Worrying they will be late they rush to their part time jobs, Umataro wastes time eating a sandwich while Hiroshi is rushing off to his job and runs directly into a wheelchair ridden by Moriya Tsutsumi a genius researcher from Lab 1.

Hirsoshi drops his sandwhich and can't find it and Moriya's sister Motoko. Motoko and Moriya continue down the street and discuss Lab 7 and Moriya proceeds to insult Hiroshi and Umataro.Later in Mecha City, Hirsoshi comes across Ran ans asks if she's seen Umataro. Hirsoshi is dressing up in a mascot outfit for a parade and is waiting for Umataro. Hiroshi finds Umataro on a stairlift and calls out for him than a worker rushes up to Hiroshi and forces on his costume head telling him the parade is about to begin.

The spider cyborg Maria appears and the crowd begins to chant M.D.M as she announces the beginning of the Mecha City Parade. The crowd becomes enamored as a beautiful woman named Dr. Lolo makes an appearance.The Mecha City parade begins to commence as new robots come out. Motoko is watching the parade from the hill above on the look out for Hiroshi. Umataro suddenly shows up behind her and he accuses her of trying to spy on his research for her brother.

Umataro reveals that A106 was taking his place in the costume. A106 senses a mysterious robot wearing a heavy jacket and face wrap. General Takeuma begins to overheat, and the A106 leaves Takeuma's back and chases after the mysterious robot. Still thinking that Umataro is in the costume Hiroshi follows behind.General Takeuma sets on fire and A106 punches a water pipe causing it to spill out on top of Takeuma putting out the flames. A106 takes to the air and begins to fly, people begin to leave the parade and a news report about the events at the parade airs.

Umataro and Hiroshi investigate Takeuma and learn that a short circuit caused the fire they take close look inside to reveal compressed hydrogen tanks inside of Takeuma's body which means he could have caused an explosion.A106 returns to Lab 7 and docks itself. Umataro and Hiroshi tearful are ecstatic when they realize their AI Bewusstsein was a success as A106 was able to make a decision for himself.





  • This episode marks the first appearance of Umataro.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of A-16.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hiroshi.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ran.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Moriya.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Motoko.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dr. Lolo.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Takeuma.

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