"Birth Of Astro Boy" is the first episode of the Astro Boy 1963 anime series.


Tobio Tenma is killed in a car collision his father, Umataro Tenma shifts all focus to the production of the Institute Of Science to that of a a robotic replica of his son. Tenma slowly begins to lose his mind but, his robot is successful in one year's time a robot that looks like Tobio is built and is named Astro Boy. Tenma takes in the robot as his own son but gets angry when he learns he can't function like a real boy, so he sells him to the Robot Circus. Astro is forced to perform in the circus by Hamegg, but the circus grounds catch ob fire and Astro and the other circus robots save the audience members and Hamegg from the flames. Hiroshi Ochanomizu reclaims Astro Boy as property of the Institute Of Science.


Tobio Tenma is traveling down the electronic highway 66 deemed to be the safest highway man could make when suddenly he collides with a truck and is killed instantly. His father Umataro Tenma rushes to the scene only to hold his deceased son in his arms.

At the Institute Of Science, Tenma out of madness decides to build a robot boy that is exactly like his son. He shifts all focus of the Institute Of Science to the development of a robot which must be finished within one years time.

One year later the robot is completed and Tenma names him Astro Boy. Tenma decides to take Astro Boy home and raise him like his own son. Tenma teaches Astro everything possible to act like a real human boy, he teaches Astro to eat but, since he has no biological organs he can't digest it. Tenma finds a tutor to teach Astro arithmetic and proves he can perform complex mathematics instantaneously, when asked to draw an object he breaks it down to its molecular structure.

Sometime later Tenma is measuring Astro and is angered to find no matter how much time passes Astro will not grow. Astro accidentally pushes Tenam down a hill and out of frustration Tenma sells Astro to Hamegg to use in the Robot Circus.

Hamegg presents Astro Boy for his debut performance in the Robot Circus. Astro Boy is forced to fight against a robot named Z.O.G Ochanomizu who is watching the event jumps from the stands and interrupts the battle. Ocahnomizu marches over to Hamegg and demands that Hamegg shut down the fight however, Hamegg vehemently declines, Ochanomizu leaves feeling defeated.

The battle resumes and Astro defeats Z.O.G but refuses to kill him. Hamegg later reprimands Astro for not killing Z.O.G. Ochanomizu returns and introduces himself as the new Minister Of Science and demands that Astro Boy is returned to the Institute Of Science.

Astro Boy explores the circus grounds and finds a pile of deactivated robots who say they are no longer given power by Hamegg because they are no longer popular attractions. Astro shares some of his power with the deactivated robots and they become active again.

Meanwhile Hamegg and Ochanomizu continue to negotiate, Hamegg absolutely refuses to return Astro Boy and Ochanomizu leaves angrily. A new attraction is being shown at the circus Sparko the robot cannonball who can produce electricity up to one million volts. Sparko performs his act but, makes a mistake and explodes instantly catching the entire circus on fire.

Hamegg and the audience members are trapped in the collapsing building, Astro Boy and his robot friends who he reactivated rescue the audience and Astro goes off on his own to rescue Hamegg from under fallen rubble.

Hamegg is in the hospital Ocahnomizu says that Hamegg should release Astro for saving his life however, Hamegg does not feel grateful. Ochanomizu turns on the Television showing a newscast revealing that The Robot Bill Of Rights has been passed legally forcing Hamegg to liberate Astro.


In Order Of Appearance:




  • This episode marks the first and final appearance of Tobio.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Umataro Tenma.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Astro Boy.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hamegg.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hiroshi Ochanomizu.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hyoutan-tsugi.
  • The Institute Of Science is introduced.
  • The Robot Circus is Introduced.
  • This episode marks the first serialized anime broadcast in Japan.
  • This episode marks the first English dubbed anime for broadcast int he United States.

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