"Bewusstsein" is the second episode of the Atom: The Beginning anime series.


Motoko is looking for Hiroshi at Lab 7 when she can't find him she finds Ran rummaging through the scrap pile the two talk for a while

Ran is attacked by the mysterious robot from the parade and A106 comes to her rescue and tries to defend her. Umataro and Hiroshi


The mysterious robot from the parade stands staring at a billboard, when his internal processor tells him his target is A106 it takes of into the sky.

Hiroshi knocks on the door of Lab 7 calling for Umataro, The security system asks Hiroshi to enter the security code when the door opens A106 stands in his way preventing him from entering.A106 request Hiroshi's name and affiliation, Hiroshi responds with his name and tells A106 that he was one of his creators so he should listen to him then A106 grants him entry.

A106 continues to block his entry anyways stating that Umataro is in REM sleep and that Hiroshi should wait fifteen minutes for him to wake up, So Hiroshi just yells at Umataro to wake up causing Umataro to flip out of his hammock and fall onto the floor.

Ran attempts to sneak past a security guard to gain entrance into Nerima University. The key on Ran's backpack smashes against the wall underneath the security officer's desk when the officer gets up to look under the desk he finds nothing. Ran Sunck behind his desk and than continued run on wards. The guard leaves his desk and picks up his hat he dropped on the ground and Ran is seen peering through the bushes at him.

Motoko is knocking on the door to Lab 7 asking for Hiroshi, the security system tells her that Hiroshi is not presently there. Motoko sees Ran scrapping a machine on top of the scrap pile, she tells Ran that elementary school students are not allowed on the campus. Ran introduces herself as Ran Ochanomizu to Motoko and says that she is in high school.

Ran and Motoko are sitting by the scrap pile and Motoko asks why Ran named her cat F14 she responds by saying because he was found on February 14. Ran shows Motoko what parts she scrapped from the machine Motoko is impressed by Ran's knowledge. Motoko tells Ran that Hiroshi and Umataro were both given a raise for A16's actions at the parade, Motoko suddenly remembers that Umataro and Hiroshi must be at the briefing session she introduces herself to Ran and leaves.




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