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Astro Boy Reboot is a French-Japanese animated series co-produced by Tezuka Productions, and the French studios Caribara Productions and Shibuya Productions. It is a reboot of the anime and manga series Astro Boy, created by Osamu Tezuka. It is scheduled to be released in September 2017.


  • The only confirmed characters in the series so far, are Astro Boy, Atlas, and Astro's new friends, Fubuki and Akino.
    • There are also three other characters that resemble the major characters that appear in previous iterations. A brown-haired boy who resembles Tobio Tenma, a slightly overweight blonde-haired man who resembles Skunk Kusai, and a man with glasses who strongly resembles Doctor Tenma. It is possible that these are the actual identities of these characters.
  • There will be 26 episodes which will be 26 minutes long.
  • It will mix both 2D and 3D/CG animation, but will focus more on the 2D animation.
  • The series takes place in a city called "DiverCity".


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ASTROBOY Reboot Teaser

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