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Astro Boy (アトム Atomu) also known as Atom originally is a recurring character and main protagonist in the Astro Boy series. He was created by Osamu Tezuka in 1951 and made his first appearance in the manga series Ambassador Atom. Since his conception Astro Boy has become one of the most famous and prominent fictional characters from Japan even reaching worldwide recognition due to his franchises' many comic, television film and video game releases.

Astro Boy is also remembered as one of the largest inspirations to the modern anime and manga industries. The artistic styles and design used when creating Astro Boy are still widely used in Japanese art to this day. Astro Boy has even helped inspire the creation of other franchises most notably the Mega Man series.

Creation and Conception

Impact and Legacy

Astro Boy has become one of the most well known and beloved characters in Japan. Astro Boy which aired in 1963 became the first Japanese animated series to broadcast both in Japan and the United States giving the character Astro Boy worldwide recognition. In 2009 Astroboy ,the feature film was released giving the character further popularity in America. His character has also been cited as begin influential to the Japanese anime and manga industry.

  • IGN listed Astro Boy the number 2 greatest anime character of all-time.
  • Numerous statues of Astro Boy have been erected all over Japan.

Astro Boy statue in Takarazuka, Japan

List Of Appearances

As part of the Osamu Tezuka's Star System, Astro has appeared in several of the artist's works (although he is not always identified as "Astro Boy").

  • "Astro Boy" in Captain Atom - 1951
  • "Astro Boy" in Astro Boy - 1952
  • "Conference Participant" in The Adventure of Rock - 1952
  • "Sergeant Ichinotani" in X-Point on the South Pacific - 1953
  • "Ryoichi" in The Destroyer of the Earth - 1954
  • "Captain Larry" in My Memory - 1959
  • "Astro Boy" in Shikuoyamaengi Picture Scroll - 1962
  • "The Mask" in Robot Labor Union Leader - 1964
  • "Astro Boy" in Gachaboi's Record of One Generation - 1970
  • "Astro Boy" in Lion Books: A Hundred Tales - Chapter of Gold - 1971
  • "The Mask" in Bakaichi - 1971
  • "The Mask" in Japanese People in 1972 - 1972
  • "Flying Man Competition Spectator" in Black Jack: Man Bird - 1973
  • "Isao" in Black Jack: Son of Shiva - 1974
  • "Black Jack's Client" in Black Jack: You did it! - 1975
  • "Person in Framed Painting" in Black Jack: Teruteru Bozu - 1976
  • "Astro Boy" in The Three-eyed One: The Magician - 1976
  • "Passerby" in Black Jack: Black Jack Saves his Savior - 1978
  • "Astro Boy" in Osamu Tezuka on American Comics - 1979
  • "Person in Painting" in Unico: Shogaku-Ichinensei Version - 1980
  • "Face of Jinnai" in Princess Lumpenela - 1980
  • "Jimmy" in Rainbow Parakeet: House of Doll - 1981
  • "The Mask" in Rainbow Parakeet: Forest of Fossil - 1981
  • "Black Jack" in How the World of Anime will look in the 21st Century - 1982
  • "Astro Boy" in A word from the parent who bore you - 1982
  • "Jimmy" in Golden Bat - 1982
  • "Astro Boy" in Rabbit House 2001 - 1982
  • "Person in Painting" in This is what's going to happen in 1983 - 1983
  • "Astro Boy" in Dream cars & cars of the future - 1984
  • "Astro Boy" in Atom Cat - 1986
  • "The Mask" in Fuku-chan in 21st Century - 1986
  • "Adam" in Undersea Super Train: Marine Express - 1979 anime
  • He also makes several cameos in Black Jack TV
  • "Pluto" Chapter 9
  • Astro has also made a cameo in two episodes of Kimba the White Lion
  • "Monica Teen" Chapter 43 and 44 (Green Treasure arc)
  • An Astro Boy lookalike is seen on a television for a brief period in the 1988 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "The Mean Machines".
  • An Astro Boy Hoodie can be seen worn by Sandra Bullock in the 2000 film, 28 Days.
  • An Astro Boy Doll can be seen in the 2000 Taiwanese film Yi Yi.
  • Astro can be seen in the background in the South Park trilogy, "Imaginationland".
  • An Astro Boy T-shirt can be seen for a brief period in 2010's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
  • Astro was featured in the Robot Chicken season 6 episode "Punctured Jugular".
  • Astro was featured in an episode of ScrewAttack's Death Battle against Keiji Inafune's Mega Man, and was the winner.


  • May 3, 2003 was Astro Boy day in Japan in order to celebrate the official birth of the character. People all over Japan celebrated the event.


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