Astro Boy (アトム Atomu) known natively as Atom is a robot created by Umataro Tenma is most adaptations. He is subsequently sold to Hamegg's Robot Circus and rescued by Ochanomizu he serves as the main protagonist and most prominent character in all adaptations. Created by Tenma to be a replacement for his deceased son Tobio and later adopted by Ochanomizu to be a pure-hearted savior protecting the innocent from evil. Astro partakes on many adventures during his appearances often finding mysterious creatures, traveling into outer space and even finding love. Astro is given responsibilities from the Ministry Of Science to stop and find rogue robots and end threats to humanity. Astro has a family of robots constructed by Ochanomizu including his own parents a sister Uran and a brother Cobalt.





Abilities and Powers

Non cannon Appearances


  • May 3, 2003 was Astro Boy day in Japan in order to celebrate the official birth of the character. People all over Japan celebrated the event.


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