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Astro's parents are two robots made for Astro. They act as parental units to Astro, his family.

They were either built by Professor Ochanomizu or Doctor Elefun depending on which series.

They don't have names, they are simply called "Mum" and "Dad".


Even though they are androids like Astro Boy, they look very human, the only thing abnormal is their shiny hair.


She is depicted as an idealized 1960s housewife, and she is sweet, kind and nurturing. She is entirely trusting of her son's impeccable nature, knows he would never deliberately lie or harm another being (as seen in Episode 20).


He is portrayed as something of a well-meaning blowhard, often jumping to conclusions and losing his temper over minor incidents. They first appeared in Episode 2: Colosso. In the Sankei Newspaper Astroboy manga series, it is revealed that Mama was modified to resemble Dr. Tenma's wife who had died of a heart condition shortly after Astro was sold to the circus.

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