Anton is an engineering student in the Astro Boy 2003 series. He is a skittish but good-natured young inventor with a crush on Brianna. His Japanese voice actor is Kappei Yamaguchi, and his English voice actor is Wally Wingert.


Anton is naturally a very nervous person, but loves technology and is eager to become a professional inventor. Despite his big aspirations, some of his devices are prone to malfunctions or adverse effects. Brianna describes him as having lots of potential but says he needs to focus better.

Anton has a huge crush on Brianna, to a point where he loses sleep over it. He enlists Astro's help in writing a love letter under his name, taking a call with his simulated voice, and getting suggestions from Astro on what to say. However, his inability to tell Brianna directly leads to her feeling cheated when she finds out the truth.


In an attempt to impress Brianna before she goes on a space mission, he rewires part of the rocket's system to project congratulatory flowers and dancing chibi versions of himself. This unfortunately triggers the rocket's auto-pilot and disables the guidance system. Astro is able to chip in help in time, and Anton comes out of it with a hope to further refine his inventions.

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